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      COMPPICKS  uses a Star Grade System to help the player maintain a steady and profitable bankroll. When a play is posted by a COMPPICKS  capper, in front of that pick will be a star amount. For example: 3* Dallas Cowboys -6x. The star (*) amount will be graded 1* to 3*, with 3* being the highest rated pick. A star (1*) is the average bet for the player. For example, if you bet $50 a game, then 1* will equal $50 and 2* will equal $100 (etc…). At COMPPICKS  we try to win more games than we lose every week. We do not chase or raise a star amount to make up for losses. An example would be if you had three 1* losses in a row and then played a 3* play to make up for those losses. COMPPICKS  does not cap like this.

     All COMPPICKS  cappers give out plays that they are playing themselves, not just games they might play. Each capper will explain how they play and just how you should make your plays. For example, a capper may play teasers, parlays, money-lines, and spread bets. At anytime, all cappers will be available to answer any and all questions to help the customers personally. Being able to ask questions and having an understanding by communicating with your capper will make a huge difference for your investment. This relationship will aid you in profiting continually and consistently. Sports handicapping really has one goal and that is to win one more game than you lose. That is what you ultimately have to do and everything above that is pure profit.



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