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     COMPPICKS  is your one stop source for cutting edge sports advice from real people that play the games they pick.  Our team provides packages of picks on a daily basis, and they offer a comppick (real money play for free) almost everyday.  COMPPICKS  boasts an overall rating of over 64% winners (ATS) on released  plays for the entire year of 2020.
      Are you tired of guessing who might win week in and week out, only to have more losers than winners every week?  Let our team take the guesswork out of it and provide you with solid picks 365 days a year. Here at COMPPICKS, our goal is to call more winners than losers each and every week.  Our team of experts do just that to give you the advantage you need to make money!!!  We advise you to build your bankroll by playing the percentages instead of loading it all up on one game. Our team is made up of  three of the most gifted sports cappers (aka sports handicappers) in the country. 
COMPPICKS  covers all the bases in the NFL, NCAAFB, NBA, NCAABB, NHL, and MLB. All of COMPPICKS  cappers have a business background and have experience running sports books and working in casinos. 
      Let's introduce the staff.  First we have 
Eric Brown, our east coast capper who brings over 15 plus years of sports betting experience and his casino and sports book management to the team. Next, we have 
Mr. Totals, our insider research team and computer based research system that will provide you with the winning game totals in every sport across the board.This computer based research system has been used by each handicapper that has been at since the website was established in 2009. Now, this cutting edge system we call Mr. Totals will be exclusively available to you!
Rounding up our team of professional cappers is Leo A. Turner II. He is our midwest capper and football guru who brings a business mind to capping. He holds a business degree, has owned and operated several small businesses, and brings his sports book management along with his vast betting experience to the COMPPICKS team. If you are looking for the most solid sports handicappers in the business, then look no further.

     COMPPICKS also has two top sports researchers that stay behind the scenes. One lives on the west coast in sunny California while the other is planted in the Sin City desert. The COMPPICKS capping team is scattered over the entire country, but gets together a few times a year in Las Vegas, NV. We hope that you can come join us this year for our 2021 Sin City party in Vegas baby!!!

      When it comes to sports handicapping there are many other services, but few compare to COMPPICKS  and our  team of professionals. Try us out today and see for yourself why so many people keep coming back for more. Team up with COMPPICKS  where the cappers play the games they pick!!! 


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